London Day 2, Let’s See Things In Museums!

Our second day starts with a failed attempt at an English breakfast. We make up for it with some crowded Underground train rides and a trip to the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Both impressive. The crowds at the former were absolutely insane. So many screaming school kids. This latest video digest took me until the wee hours to edit, and I notice it just sort of ends. I thought maybe I had gotten tired near the end of the day and couldn’t be bothered shooting video, but it looks like I shot a lot more stuff in 360 than I had anticipated. I’ll do a follow up post featuring that footage.

It’s getting tough to feature all the content we recorded and be good tourists, so hopefully this video will serve as a “good enough” record of events. I will endeavor to make more thorough posts as the Great Escape 2017 continues. We’re only 3 full days into our travels and still have two weeks to go! Let’s hope my Verizon data plan holds out.

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Let’s Go To England

The Great Escape 2017 started with no sleep! I was beginning to think it was going to end in a hospital.

Luckily, once we got started all the aggravations of being me slipped away into the ether. The Dramamine kicked in and the words of David Brin’s Existence on Audible  lulled me into a deep sleep. 

With the travel and lodging taken care of, we proceeded with the entertainment. Alien: Covenant at the Electric Cinema. 

It’s a barbershop, nail salon, cafe, and movie theater.  With that, we ended our first night in London!

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The Shit Patina Cleanse 2017

We may need a friendlier name for the trip, I’d hate to turn people away right off the bat…

So here we go again! Barbara and I are heading back to the UK. It’s coming up real soon, like this coming up Wednesday. We’re looking at it as a way to wash the stink of Trump’s America off of us. Not that the UK hasn’t had it’s share of right wing, xenophobic reactionism. Western civilization is afraid of brown people, it seems. Last year, when we ran into curious folk in Ireland and Scotland, we felt pretty confident in reassuring them that the cheese colored gas bad wasn’t gonna be running the free world. Wow, were we wrong. Hopefully we’re not immediately shunned upon arriving at Heathrow. We have many apologies to hand out #fucktrump!

This time around we’re spending a few days in London, taking in a movie in a fancy ass luxury theater as well as traditional theater. We then take an overnight sleeper train to Fort William, Scotland. We’ll be hanging out in the highlands for a couple days, see the Isle of Skye, and maybe a distillery or two. We then head head to Edinburgh, Scotland. We loved it so much the last time, we figured there’s gotta be more to see. Besides, a visit to Scotland isn’t complete without a few glorious breakfasts at Mum’s Great Comfort Food. I can already feel my arteries clogging! From there we fly over to Belfast, Northern Ireland where we’re staying in a swanky penthouse with a wrap around balcony. According to the AirBnB, it’s got an amazing view. No clue what one does when visiting Belfast, but I”m sure we’ll figure it out. We’ll then head back to London where we’ll catch a plane back to our American Hell. If we’re lucky, maybe DampNuts will be in the throws of a full on impeachment effort. One can only dream. 
As with all my previous trips, I will update this blog as often as possible. I got a bit overly ambitious on the last trip and it kind of overwhelmed me. I drank too much. I ate too much. I enjoyed life to hard. I couldn’t keep up the pace. This time around I’m going to try something different. I’m going to shoot a lot of video and edit little snippets togehter for the blog. I’ll mix in some photos and 360 video as well as my usual snarky commentary. Stay tuned!

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360 Image?

Testing some 360 images on the old WordPress site. Not sure I’m impressed with the image quality…

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Seriously, Two Irish Feckers!

Shit! It’s weeks later and I’m still trying to get the story of Ireland out of my system. Need to get it off my chest before those fleeting moments disappear. It’s so temporary. Life. Experience. It feels so real and intense in the moment, but weeks later it’s just a postcard. A thing that happened to someone else. It’s vague. The details lost. Flashes of light captured on silicon, GPS and time stamped, sent to the cloud for posterity. How often will I actually look at these images? Will I remember the intensity of the moment? Who knows? I’m drunk. ​

After a quick stop at the flat to drop off our swag from Temple Bar, we head over to O’Shea’s Merchant. It seems to be our preferred haunt in Dublin. I’m sure there’s better in the city, but we’re content with this place. It’s stumbling distance from where we sleep, so it makes poor drinking decisions easier to swallow!

Beers were getting a bit too filling, so I switched to Irish whiskey! Best decision I made that night. Unfortunately, I didn’t explore too many varieties while in Dublin. Just stuck with Jameson! Barbara stuck with Guinness and John…well, John chose something of poor quality, I’m sure. Probably some kind of cider. I kid John, of course.​

These guys were a couple of wise asses and kept the crowd amused. I don’t remember their names. Barabara did Barbara things with them and found out they really didn’t have a name for their little band. We suggested Two Irish Feckers…they concurred. Laughed a bit, got a couple shots, and left! 

Next up in the Irish folk music lineup at O’Shea’s were these 3 guys. Not quite as amusing, but pretty damn talented, none the less. ​

We drank some more. John was getting tired. Barbara and I were getting trashed. A common thread on this trip. We left in good spirits, or at least under the influence of spirits. We needed to get some sleep, because the next day was our big train tour of Ireland. 

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Temple Bar, Dublin

Just to remind you, the WordPress app for iPad and iPhone is total shit. Buggy as hell.

Yeah, more drinking. There’s a theme slowly developing. Barbara and I are drinking across Ireland and the UK. John just wants to find a goddamned Pepsi. A rare and elusive treasure over here. Although, he did introduce us to the horror that is Desperados. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture to help warn you off. It’s a Coroma-like beer with tequila and lime juice mixed in it. It’s as good as it sounds…

After the Guinness a Storehouse we wandered around Dublin.

Because I’m a terrible tourist I haven’t any idea of the significance of any of these buildings. I was just capturing the walk to Temple Bar, a big shopping area of town. The place is named after some incredibly old pub that still stands over there.

I naturally had to stop here. Ireland and the U.K. are lucky, they still have comic book chain stores. A rare commodity in the states. 
​I think I ended up buying a Midnighter & Apollo #1. 

On to Temple Bar for burgers and more skinny jeans on skinny dudes. There’s the bar! Riveting stuff right there.  Barbara demands food. She pulls up Yelp or Google’s ripoff of Yelp and finds us a place to eat. We settle on burgers at Bunsen’s. I think it’s a chain restaurant, but that’s ok, these burgers were amazing. As you can see, the menu is limited. I ordered the doubl, fries, and a milkshake. John warned me that milkshakes are more runny and milky than in the states. He failed to mention that the chocolate shakes would be more Coco flavored and less sweet. No matter. The burger was epic!​

Bellies full, we move on. Not before grabbing a photo of some of that skinny jeans fashion. The other thing I noticed about these guys, they get haircuts that make it look like they’re wearing berets. Note the guy on the left.

We head back towards our flat. Not sure what we did for the next couple hours, but the night ended in O’Shea’s. I’ll end on this big ass church. Christ Church Cathedral.

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The Guinness Storehouse and More Pub Action

Sunday starts with more Irish Breakfast at O’Shea’s Merchant, for me. Barbara and John have deviated from the heavily meat dominated meals in the morning, but that’s ok, they show a lack of commitment to clogging their arteries. 

Heading down the street to the Guinness Storehouse takes you through some industrial streets that feel like pedestrians don’t belong, eventually leading to the big black gates of the Guinness facility. Funky smoke stacks on a funky roundular building. Not sure if roundular is a word or not, but it’s a running gag between me and my brother. 

So here we are, finally…but there’s still more walking to do. That’s been the ongoing theme of this trip. Walk, walk, and more walking. We need to work off all those sausages and bacon!​

Now it’s time for the usual touristy shots of the Storehouse. I’m not a very good tourist. These cliche money traps kinda bore me, but this one ends with a pint at the top of the Gravity Bar with a panoramic view of Dublin. So there’s that.​There’s an exhibit of old Guinness advertising. Apparently they’re knownm for their quirky approach to marketing.

Standing at the base of the worlds largest Guinness pint. You can’t see it, bit the building is shaped like one of their glasses. 

​More of that weird marketing stuff. 

The Gravity Bar’s view of Dublin. People were packed in here like sardines, and this was my opportunity to get to the window. Speaking of fish, by the end of 2017, Guinness will no long contain traces of fish bladders… thanks Vegans!The Barbara pounds a pint with me over Dublin. 

Another shot of the Storehouse facility. 

Two Twats…Barbara’s label on the email attachment with this photo. 

Overall a perfectly fine tour that made me want to drink properly in a pub closer to our flat. But that will have to wait for the next installment. 

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