Free For All!

 All plans thrown to the wind. Feels good. Rolled into a KOA site 6 miles from West Yellowstone at around 8:30 pm because the 3 or 4 campgrounds in town looked like shanty towns in Central Park during the Great Depression. No thanks. KOAs are generally reliable and safe. Friendly staff and of course opportunistic as hell. $65 to pitch a tent. At least that came with water and power hookups. Very convenient. Once again Internet was for shit. Thankfully Verizon had intermittent LTE. 

People tell me to relax, look out at the wonders of nature, disconnect. Unfortunately, my brain is like a TiVo with a short buffer. There’s only so far I can rewind before the info is gone. I’m already having trouble remembering where I was the day before. I experienced this disconnect last night while talking to some campers. My 4th day on the road and it seems like more than a week. Crazy. 

My point is that I try to document my trips with the blog while the shit is still fresh in my brain. The nightmare comes when I try to include photos in my posts. The WordPress app always wants a connection. It gets pissy with 3G. Crashes and takes forever. While at East Glacier Lodge, I spent 3 hours updating the damn site. It was infuriating. But that was a lifetime ago, like 24hrs or so.

Leaving East Glacier Lodge yesterday was cold and miserable. Had to put on the hoodie and gloves! Good lord. Just as I was getting up to speed on the highway I saw a herd of fucking  buffalo. Hundreds of buffalo. Unfortunately the GoPro didn’t catch it in time. 

Passed through Browning Montana. Holy hell, I’ve never seen a more depressing town in my life. Closed shops, boarded up windows, husks of cars, and people just sitting around staring at the cars going by. Ugh. America!

It continued to be cold for many more miles, but I believe it was because of the smoke in the air. End of the world, dinosaur killing smoke and ash. The entire United States seems to be on fire. If that wasn’t enough, the road suddenly ended. US89 turned into a gravel strip. I had concerns.


Shortly after that, my dash board alerted me to a “transmission failure”. Not cool in the middle of fuçkall, Montana. 

Things started to clear up as I got closer to West Yellowstone. Saw this…   

  And I thought some of my days camping sucked. 

West Yellowstone…tourist hellhole, but then that’s an impression from 8:30pm after 7 hours of riding.

Nope. It sucks. I kid. It’s not that bad. It has this place, which was mobbed and my breakfast became a lunch by the time it was brought to my table. Damn good pancakes and bacon! 

 That’s it for the update. Really need to get a move on. I know I’ve thrown plans to the curb, but I still need to be in Chicago by the 21st! Yellowstone and Grand Tetons, here I come…


About heartajack

I'm a graphic designer and occasional filmmaker that recently discovered the awesomeness that is the Can-Am Spyder Roadster. In recent years I've become obsessed with food and learning how to prepare it. I make the best damn ribs...EVER.
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