Better Today Than Tomorrow 

Some days can suck it. Trying to take care of business before my trip and it all just kinda goes to shit. Like first thing in the morning.

Let’s start with wrangling my dog to drop him off at the kennel. Earlier this week I bought him a new collar from PerSmart so that, in the eyes of the vet people, I’m a responsible pet owner. In fact, I’m a terrible pet owner. No collar, no shots in years, the dog is a bit overweight, and I loathe taking the little shit out for walks. Which might explain why I spent 45 minutes chasing the little bastard around my neighborhood. 103lbs of Shepherd/Lab mix running around like a 5 year old kid hopped up on Red Bulls and Starbursts. All this because I felt sympathy for the dog and gave him some breathing room in that collar. Walked him out to the car and he knew something was up.

After a fun ride with my Mom, and said dog, to All Creatures Veterinary Hospital for boarding, I racked up a fun amount of up-charges. $45 bath, $15 nail clippings, etc. With all that, I’m now 2 and a half hours late for work. Luckily, I have a forgiving boss. Or at least he makes like all is well, while inside he seethes and annotates his little black book of employee transgressions. I don’t know. Maybe he too is checked out and just counting the minutes until the weekend…

Mom drops me off at home so I can take the Spyder to work. Unfortunately this is where I notice the tastefully white thrash duct tape saddle repair I did last week is already peeling and getting gummy shit all over my pants.

I get to work with only two or three attempts on my life by Reno drivers. So, it’s a “good” day. Strolling into the office I realize I missed a meeting. I see my boss and he tells me about a fuck-up on my game. Reel strips in the wrong order or some such nonsense. I fix that. Then get hit with art requests from a couple production artists. Then a tech artist needs me to approve sone changes on another game. Weeks of no one giving a shit what I’m doing and then all at once I get slammed with issues. 

It’s then that I remember that I have a dentist appointment. A good tooth scraping is in order. Another ride ends with only two attempts on my life. Good news, though, I had a credit surplus at the dentist’s office and didn’t have to fork over any cash! This happens a lot with these guys. Starting to wonder if they intentionally overcharge me…
Back at work I’m talking to a fellow designer about 3d printing Star Wars gun parts, past motorcycle trips, and what have you, when all of a sudden an absolutely enormous wasp crawls out from one of the folds of my motorcycle jacket hanging on the hook in my cube. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a bit of a pussy when it comes to bugs. I have a minor meltdown as my friend keeps mentioning how huge and menacing that fucker is. “Look at the size of that stinger!” Totally not helping the situation or my nerves. Needless to say, that fucker was crushed with extreme prejudice. Wasp carcass now litters my cube. All in a day’s work. 

Hopefully the bad juju is out of the way and I can spend tomorrow fleeing from this god forsaken hell hole in relative comfort and ease. 

Wish me luck!


About heartajack

I'm a graphic designer and occasional filmmaker that recently discovered the awesomeness that is the Can-Am Spyder Roadster. In recent years I've become obsessed with food and learning how to prepare it. I make the best damn ribs...EVER.
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