Sardine Overlook the Long Way Around

New hike is out in the wilds of California past Truckee, near a town I’ve never heard of, off a highway I’ve just now become aware of. Sardine Overlook.

Google Maps says to take I-80 to 89 and then 49. I say to hell with the man and I’ll circumnavigate Lake Tahoe and pick up 89 on the other side. Take the back route to the place I have no familiarity with. Sounds like a plan, right?

I’ll be taking the KLR650 out with the usual gear. Backpack with a hoodie just in case, Kleen Canteen of water, a bottle of Gatorade, Clif bar, banana, Nutter butter, extra power for the iPhone, hiking pole, floppy camo hat, and goddamned bug repellant. I’m still healing from the heinous mosquito and spider bites from my last hike to Castle Peak! Before I hit the road, I continue the ritual of latte and a bite to eat at Starbucks. Get ready for awesome food photography…

20140608-115721-43041831.jpgI know how to live it up.

Time to go. I’ll update as the cell signal allows.

Trip is longer than I’d anticipated. Made it to US49. Riding in areas I’ve never been. Thought this was gonna be a hiking adventure and is turning into a kickass motorcycle ride through winding mountain roads.

20140608-143852-52732244.jpg The Sierra Valley vista view. Only a few more miles to Sardine Lakes.

20140614-160700-58020793.jpg Kinda forgot to update this blog post. It was blazing hot that day, around 85 degrees. Was sweating like a whore in church, as they say. Might’ve been because I was covered in bug repellant and greasy sun block. Oh, the first world problems of being a pale white dude.

20140614-161124-58284124.jpg After riding past the trail, and circling back a few times, I finally found the damn trail. Parked the KLR and headed on my merry way.

Tamarack Trailhead. #sardinelakes #hiking #trail #rocky

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It’s not a true Heartajack adventure unless there’s suffering. The Tamarack Trail is totally covered in rocks. From basketball size down to pea size. Not great on the ankles. Did I mention it was hot?

20140614-162032-58832389.jpgIt is quite beautiful up here. When I stop to look around, the heat is almost bearable.


20140614-162842-59322063.jpgThe overlook is my goal. The trail gets a bit more hairy this way. Clearly not as many people venture gown this path. Cobwebs are all over this path. Glad I’m not wearing shorts.

Still, it’s totally been worth the hike. Not the toughest I’ve been on, but one of the best views I’ve seen in a while.

20140614-164700-60420054.jpgThe upper and lower Sardine Lakes. And with that, I made it to the overlook. Kind of anticlimactic considering the view gas been awesome the entire way.

20140614-164915-60555504.jpgIn case you’re wondering, using the FotoTimer app for iPhone for the self portraits. Videos are Instagram, convenient bite sized videos.

The hike back is just as ankle busting as the way up. Rolled my foot a couple times, thankfully the new hiking boots are doing their job.



20140614-165815-61095359.jpgBack to the bike and the two hour ride back to Reno. Not a bad day spent in the wilderness.

Take me home, bike! #sardinelakes #hiking #klr650 #trail #mountains

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Before I sign off on this belated blog post, I’ll leave you with Lake Tahoe.



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I'm a graphic designer and occasional filmmaker that recently discovered the awesomeness that is the Can-Am Spyder Roadster. In recent years I've become obsessed with food and learning how to prepare it. I make the best damn ribs...EVER.
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