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It’s been a week since leaving San Diego and Comic Con and I need to get better at my life blogging. Traveling to a destination is easy, I’m by myself, I’m usually on the road for too long, and by nature of being a Clyde, I usually have something to write about. More than likely those are tales of woe, and disaster, and campsites full of plague infested rodents. This trip back to Reno was no exception. My recollection of so much of it is fading quickly. I’m of the notion that my brain is like a DVR, in that I have a half hour buffer where I can pause and rewind live tv. Anything before that half hour and its lost to the aether. When riding a motorcycle you take in so much visual information that I believe your brain is like that DVR. Things that happened the day before seem like a week ago and unless you document it, those memories are gone forever. Or at least the details diminish and events that seemed so vivid and important get downplayed as just another mundane thing that happened. I’m sure it’s not as extreme as I make it out to be, but hopefully you know what I’m saying.

Anyway, I seem to recall that I should never hit the road without having a real breakfast and a couple good cups of coffee. Two hours outside of San Diego I was desperately hungry, tired, and damn hot. I wanted to hit the Ranch Cafe for some pancakes, as I posted a week or so ago, they have fantastic pancakes, perhaps the best on the damn planet. No lie. I hold back my starvation and thirst for another couple hours, stopping only for gas and water.

I arrive at a mostly empty restaurant. It’s 2:30 or so. Weird. I sit down, plead for a cup of coffee. It comes a few minutes later and it’s OLD! You know, where you pour an entire creamer into the cup and it is still mud brown. Ick. The waitress comes back and I order pancakes and eggs! She says, “oh, sorry, we only serve breakfast ’til 11.” Well fuck I really wanted this…

20130728-161248.jpgBut instead, I had to settle for this…

20130728-161322.jpgThat’s a side of what I thought were going to be baked beans. No such luck. They’re beans with nothing. Nasty unflavored beans in a bland soupy substance that I’m assuming the beans were cooked in. Burger was too thin, and the lettuce was a layer designed to allow the ketchup, mustard, and mayo a quick exit from the sammich. Underwhelmed to say the least.

I’m back on the road. I figure, I’ll make up for this sucky lunch with a burger at Walker Burger. It’s a few hours ahead, somewhere in Antelope Valley! Queue thunderstorm. Clouds had been getting heavier and heavier for the last hour.

The roads had been wet, like I’d just missed the rain. I was enjoying my little bit of good luck when the drizzle started. I was “ok, not so bad…” No sooner than I had even finished that thought, the sky opened up a torrential downpour of biblical proportions. I immediately start to hydroplane, the bike’s traction control kicks into action, my heart skips a few beats, and I have to get off the road. I frantically dig into my gear strapped on the back of the bike to find my rain gear. Rain is pouring down the back of my neck, it’s blowing into my helmet, and even though it takes only a couple minutes to get the gear on, I’m soaked to the bone. Now I’ve got a waterproof seal around my entire body, which is great for my wet jeans. The rain is intermittent for what seems like hours. I shoot some video on the GoPro, which I’ll tag onto the end of this post. Still a beautiful ride, if a bit moist. At least my flesh isn’t boiling, like the trip down.

Walker Burger makes up for a miserable lunch. These people got it going on. Root beer float!!!

Really pleasant and shady dining area in the garden out back. Really can’t recommend this place enough.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. Cloudy and cool, which is not what I had expected coming back to Reno. I’d been getting posts from friends showing 104 degree days and 80 degree nights. Yeah. I pulled into my driveway around 8:30 or 9. Overall a decent day of riding. Took me twelve hours, as I had predicted ahead of time. It allowed me to take Tuesday off and relax properly, before going back to the salt mines!

As I review this post, I notice this Spyder shot is from when I was at Walker Burger. Seems I forgot to take post trip photos, which is my usual custom. Seriously, I need to get better at this blogging business.


About heartajack

I'm a graphic designer and occasional filmmaker that recently discovered the awesomeness that is the Can-Am Spyder Roadster. In recent years I've become obsessed with food and learning how to prepare it. I make the best damn ribs...EVER.
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3 Responses to Post Comic Con Post

  1. John says:

    I haven’t stopped by here in a while, had fun catching up. Speaking of CONs, I am taking my youngest daughter to MINECON in November. W00t! ~ JC

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