San Luis Obispo Is The Goal

Leaving San Diego was easy. Staying on track to my goal of PCH to San Luis Obispo has not been easy. Kinda overshot the highway and now beef to figure out how to get back.

After a couple hours of driving, I was running low on gas. Five lanes of traffic and construction and sketchy neighborhoods kept me from pulling off. When I finally said enough was enough I got off the 405 I. Sherman Oaks. Seems to be a ritzy hood. No gas stations anywhere amongst the gated streets and fancy houses. Fuck.

I eventually find a Mobil, after 10 minutes of steep winding roads, behind a Whole Foods. Food is my next concern since I’m running on a single cup of coffee since 8:30 am.

Low and behold, the Blue Dog Tavern. As I pull up, a bright yellow Dodge Viper roars into the spot next to me. Two yellow attention getters in one lot.


I order a pilsner and a Blue Dog Burger, mushrooms, applewood bacon, and root beer BBQ sauce. So live these happy accidents.


This was a brief stop, as I felt I was way behind schedule. Google maps tells you a trip is 5 hours but ends up being closer to 8. Not cool.

I ride on, ignoring the Garmin’s advice, and try to find my way along the 101. It’s great to be out of the LA area. Not sure if it’s just me or if the air had a funky chalky quality to it. As I left Oxnard, the odor went away and the ocean reappeared! I pulled off the freeway into some mobile home community to get a sanity check. It’s not a shit hole mobile home park like Reno, it’s all cozy and well kept and one of these places probably costs more than my house.


A couple hours later my hands are freezing and I’m beginning to think my chance of finding a campsite are slim. I’m in the right area, but the lack of a decent cell signal or appropriate road signs mean I’m shit out if luck. So, this being the first place I see, will have to do…

At $148 a night, I can’t see my trip lasting all that much longer. It did have a lovely sleep number bed and decent wifi access.

The lady at the front desk tells me that the sushi joint next door is badass. That’s an endorsement I can get behind. I head over.



Never had Ichiban beer, that was a treat. Tastes like all Japanese or Chinese beers. No offense to anyone that is an aficionado.

I never made it to San Luis Obispo. No big deal. I drove through this morning, but that’s the next blog entry.

I’m sitting in this lovely town of Cambria on Monday afternoon trying to update this blog.

It’s painfully slow and the businesses in this touristy town are pretty damn stingey with the free wifi. Guess I should get on the road again if I’m to make it to Santa Cruz tonight. Although, Hearst Castle is only 6 miles from here.


About heartajack

I'm a graphic designer and occasional filmmaker that recently discovered the awesomeness that is the Can-Am Spyder Roadster. In recent years I've become obsessed with food and learning how to prepare it. I make the best damn ribs...EVER.
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