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Urgent Care Is Relative Term

Should an Urgent Care facility really be called “Urgent?” I’m sitting in a waiting room, urgently waiting to see someone about this fucking stomach bug I’ve had for the last week. It’s going on 20 minutes. There’s one other guy … Continue reading

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Granny Grunt’s Chicken and Noodles

The horror that is my kitchen sink can mean only one thing…”Chef” Jack must be back in town. I would have shot a new episode for YouTube, but my tripod seems to have gone on permanent loan to my friend … Continue reading

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Hooray For Us!

As it turns out, my cynicism towards the American people was unfounded. All the anti-piracy bills have been postponed. The disconnected and clueless congress types were completely shocked that we the people didn’t want to give up our free speech … Continue reading

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Going Dark

It’s been a while since I felt the need to post a blog. A lot has happened since Thanksgiving. We have a wonderful government run by the outrageously left-wing president that puts the rights of the American people above all … Continue reading

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