Random Route 66 and Home!

Where to begin. Sunday was a LONG day. Hit the road at 10:45am in Seligman Arizona and didn’t get to Reno until 11:45pm. That’s 623 miles, give or take 20 miles or so. I left the Stagecoach 66 motel after talking to the owner, Anna-Lise Finnbraaten, over a cup of coffee and a danish. Nice lady. Quite the character. She road a Harley across Canada and into New York, flew herself and the bike to Norway and spent a few months touring the Scandinavian countries. She used to drive big rigs cross country and has owned the motel for the last four and a half years.

She said the place was pretty much abandoned and trashed when she bought it, and has spent a good amount of money fixing it up. I told her I’d spread the word. She’d like y’all up come stay.


The motel was quiet and forth the $45.

I drove out of my way, 76 miles in fact, to get a look at the old scenic route 66. Seligman go Kingman Arizona. There were a few really beautiful bit, some touristy shit, and then a depressing looking Indian reservation. Then all of a sudden a convenience store run by a 20 something white kid.







Inexplicably the convenience store had a biker theme and a donkey out front. As I was hydrating out front, two Indian girls were flirting with the guy inside. Fawning all over him. Their kids were all excited about my bike “Let us hear it!” they kept asking. Naturally I obliged.

There was a lot of scenery but the road had no shoulder in some of the nicer spots! Damnit. Here’s some random shots.




A weak portfolio, but then I was distracted and in a hurry. Besides being horribly behind schedule, I also had a really messed up situation with the tread on my right front tire. The alignment is fucked up and the tire us horribly worn!

I can only imagine what a nightmare it’d be blowing that out in the middle of the blast furnace heat of AZ or NV…with no AT&T service anywhere!

In Kingman I ran into a group of guys from South America, Patagonia, to be exact. Not a word of English, but they told me my license plate was falling off. Nice, I finally got to use my multi-tool! Wonder how long that plate was dangling from a loose bolt? I coulda ended up in an Arizona prison if they hadn’t told me.

Hard to see anything special in the photo, but that’s them in the RV behind me. They’re driving around the country in one of those rental RVs. There were like 6 of them in there and they were doing 45 on the 70mph interstate!


I crossed over the new bridge by Hoover Dam. There’s nothing to see, they have 6 foot walls on both sides so you can’t see that you’re hundreds of feet up. No thrill at all. Total disappointment. Once again, the interstate system keeps you away from the sights and scenery. I snapped a couple shots of Lake Mead on the other side. Last year I met Shorty, the old biker, not far from where I took these pictures.

Blew through Vegas. You’ve seen it once and you’ve seen all you need to see. Here’s the obligatory Area 51 billboard. Yay.


Got to Beatty and thought I’d get something for my mom from one of these desperate looking shops. Cool, Pistachios and stuffed olives. Unique. They also sold pickled veggies and all kinds of honey. Cool, except it’s all from California! What the hell is the point? “People seem to like stuffed olives” the lady told me. Huh? I guess the pistachios were local, though. Oh well.

Not much to be said about Tonapah. This McDonald’s was a joke. It had none of the shit that has made me stop at previous McDs. No lattes and no wifi. The cast of inbreeds working the joint didn’t make it any better. I swear, the boycott has resumed, now that the Epic Ride is over.

I was in tea bagger country, so here’s a flag for ya. I really enjoy driving around this big ass country. So many different ways to live and such diverse people. I highly recommend people get a bike or an RV and see this country before republican funded corporations rip it all apart and leave nothing but poverty and poisoned water behind.

The rest of my ride home was all night driving and getting stuck behind semis on a 2 lane road. The temperature kept dropping and my back was killing me. By the time I reached Hawethorne I was ready to quit, but I still had 2 more hours to go…

Btw, I love the iPhone for travel photos and snapshots, but goddamn Apple for not making tougher glass over the camera lens! All my night shots are blurred like I’ve got baby oil smeared all over the thing.

Holy shit! 7000 miles! It truly was an epic ride. Never a dull moment!


About heartajack

I'm a graphic designer and occasional filmmaker that recently discovered the awesomeness that is the Can-Am Spyder Roadster. In recent years I've become obsessed with food and learning how to prepare it. I make the best damn ribs...EVER.
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One Response to Random Route 66 and Home!

  1. Barbara says:

    So glad you made it home safe. Those are some great shots!

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