Tucumcari to Albuquerque

Leaving the town of Tucumcari in a few minutes. They brag that there are 20 motels here. I couldn’t figure that one out until I remembered, I-40 is Route 66. I wish i woulda remembered that before I checked into the Econo Lodge with their “high speed” Internet. Slower than 3G, but they wouldn’t know that here, because AT&T has abandoned the southwest.


The bed was comfortable and the guy at the desk was friendly and helpful.

As I was driving down the main drag of this town to find The Roadhouse, I saw all the cool motels! If only I had driven a little further upon my arrival, I could’ve had a $25 room instead of $40! Damn!


American owned, after all.



I downed a Dos Equis a bit faster than I should, tore through the salad and the tortilla soup, and cleaned off the pot roast. I guess I need to eat better on the road.


Back at my motel room, the party was just about to start.

I should mention that the skies were looking bleak when I rolled into town. Lightning off in the distance helped me decide to stop. The clerk at the hotel said this was Monsoon season! Of course they haven’t gotten any rain this year, he said. This saturday morning looks great!

A parting view of the Tucumcari landscape…

It’s Sunday now and I’m in my cool motel room packing up. My back is super stiff and a bit sore so I figured I’d update this entry.

There you go. Route 66. Never trust the sign that says “Historic Route 66” because chances are you’re gonna see that. Although I did see this in Texas after pulling off to get gas…

So I stopped at that Historic Route 66 site and there was a cool old crumbling church next to a gas station.

Wasn’t a complete loss, I guess. I go into the gas station to pay, the pump was one of those old bastards with no card reader. There’s a cute friendly cat on the doorstep, I lean down to pet her, she puts and seems to dig it. I step over her and look around the store. I pick up a route 66 placard and pay for the gas. As I walk out I step on the cat. Not a glancing step on it’s tail, but a full on crushing blow. The cat shrieks, I immediately fall back to keep from killing it, my heart racing because it scared the shit out of me, and the clerk flies from around the cash register. I feel horrible. He says it happens all the time. The cat sees me come out and runs away again. Christ. I felt awful. As I’m about to get on my bike, another guy says to me “I did the same thing, scared the piss outta me.”



Whereas Texas and Oklahoma were dry as a bone, New Mexico was really pleasant and started to get all rainy and intimidating. I had to put the rain gear on, but it was only for about 2 hours.

I finally arrived at Sadies of New Mexico. I came here on my last trip based on a book I read. Carne Adovada. Once again, the place was a mad house.


I seated myself in the bar area, where I didn’t have to wait to be seated. It’s amazing how busy this place was.


That’s beans and cheese on the left, nit refried, green chile paste, narrated unbelievably tender pork, onions, and diced potatoes. Some kind of puffed pastry to go song with it. I had a pitcher of orange crush, too!

It was much spicier than I remembered from last time. So good!




Some random shots of Mew Mexico and Arizona before it got dark. It was a weird day because I crossed two time zones or something. The gps clock went back an hour twice, so 5 o’clock lasted two hours. It gave me more time to ride, do I’m not complaining.

Flagstaff was nice driving through in the night. Seems like it wasn’t all blazing with street lights like most places. Very pleasant. Forgot how nice driving at night can be. Much cooler and relaxing. So cool in fact, that I had to stop and put on my hoody. Not for long, though. I found this gem of a place. The Stagecoach 66. Finally an old fashioned Route 66 motel!



The nice lady that runs the place told me to take the real Route 66 for the next 16 miles instead of I-40 when I leave. It’s what they based the movie Cars on. Cool. Meanwhile, I reheated my Sadies, had a beer, and went to bed. The Spyder needed a break, too.



This bike is a workhorse, let me tell you.


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I'm a graphic designer and occasional filmmaker that recently discovered the awesomeness that is the Can-Am Spyder Roadster. In recent years I've become obsessed with food and learning how to prepare it. I make the best damn ribs...EVER.
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  1. Bill says:

    Mmmmm. Ice cream looks tasty.

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