Chicago Feeling Like Home

Chicago is starting to feel too much like home. Sleeping in, lying around on the couch, watching tv, etc. Meanwhile there’s a giant city of cool shit to do waiting for me to get off my ass. I should be out there taking advantage of food and culture and interesting people! But I kinda like Charlie’s attitude here.

Just lying about. Worried about nothing but this damn ball. Yesterday I saw the rest of the family.

Rachel and my cousin Amy’s husband, Mark. Would that make him my cousin-in-law? Or just that guy married to my cousin?

Brenda and Amos.

My Aunt Sheila and her husband Marvin. I missed their wedding last month? Sorry about that…I’m here now. Hopefully they enjoy my hastily purchased gift card from Target. Only the best, really!

And finally Amy! Found out that she’s not only a crime scene photographer but an evidence tech. Collects fingerprints, shell casings, that bit of toe nail she spots under the bed from across the room that breaks the case wide open, exposing widespread fraud in the government and topples the entire corrupt regime, leading to life sentences for evil money laundering aldermen, and shady building inspectors. Or maybe it’s just another junky overdose. You never know.

I did learn a little about fingerprint data bases. CSI is all bullshit! The computer database will give you several possible matches. The lab tech needs to then print them out and use a photographers loop to painstakingly compare the possible matches with the prints from the crime scene. Tedious and time consuming.

Speaking of food, Mark knows what he’s doing in the kitchen. Marinated skirt steaks, home made salsas and guacamole, and tasty quesadillas. I was busy eating and didn’t get a photo of the spread. But he did tell us about his run-in with a tranny prostitute and a crumbling chunk of concrete. One had nothing really to do with the other, but ended with a fucked up ankle. It’s much funnier when he tells it.

I should mention the gyro from a place called Frankville. Yum!


About heartajack

I'm a graphic designer and occasional filmmaker that recently discovered the awesomeness that is the Can-Am Spyder Roadster. In recent years I've become obsessed with food and learning how to prepare it. I make the best damn ribs...EVER.
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3 Responses to Chicago Feeling Like Home

  1. dean b. says:

    bring me back a present

  2. Rob Ferguson says:

    Mmmm……Franksville Gyro’s….one of the best damn Gyro’s in the city

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