On the Road Again!

I woke up late today, 7:45. I just found out my phone has been lying to me, it’s actually an hour earlier than I thought. Arizona doesn’t do daylight savings?

Last night the coyotes were replaced by howling campers. Still freaky sounding. Do trees cause weird reverb? I should look in to that.

Dragged ass breaking down my campsite. It was blazing hot when I woke up and let me tell you, it wears you down. I managed to make my coffee and get my ass on gear.

Finally found a hat for when I’m walking around and hanging out at the campsites. It was way the hell in the park the Watchtower Point General Store, 30 miles away from the south entrance. You soak the hat in water and the gel in the hat bloats up keeping you cool. Brilliant for my giant sweat factory I call my head.

Got the campsite broke down and reworked my luggage situation. Much better, leaves a little room in the trunk for incidentals, like the endless charging my gadgets need.

In all the excitement of packing and not dying of heat stroke, I forgot to eat, so I stopped at this restaurant 20 miles outside of the Canyon. Damn good!

Great price, too!


About heartajack

I'm a graphic designer and occasional filmmaker that recently discovered the awesomeness that is the Can-Am Spyder Roadster. In recent years I've become obsessed with food and learning how to prepare it. I make the best damn ribs...EVER.
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One Response to On the Road Again!

  1. Wade Williams says:

    you look sleepy in that hat picture.

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