The Map

The epic journey begins with a map.


About heartajack

I'm a graphic designer and occasional filmmaker that recently discovered the awesomeness that is the Can-Am Spyder Roadster. In recent years I've become obsessed with food and learning how to prepare it. I make the best damn ribs...EVER.
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8 Responses to The Map

  1. Coral says:


  2. Wade Williams says:

    Hey, didn’t know your were planning on coming through Austin! I hope you will slow downlong enough to say hi!. Of course, you have a place to crash if you don’t have other plans.

  3. Wade Williams says:

    you got it! we have a spare room with a comfy sofa bed. it’s all yours!

  4. Wade Williams says:

    let me know when you have a target date for arrival.

  5. Barbara says:

    Looks like an awesome trip, Jack!

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