Reno Goddamned Drivers

What in the actual fuck is up with Reno drivers?

Had some clueless dipshit in front of me while turning onto Kietzke from Mill. Everything is cool until the woman starts drastically slowing down to turn right onto Roberts St which, in and of itself, isn’t bad. It’s the sudden jerk back on to Kietzke which is the problem. I slammed on the breaks and instinctively leaned on the horn. The lady flips me off. Whatever.

I’m stuck behind her as she shows all the signs of not knowing what the hell she’s doing. She swerves a bit right. Then left. Drifts over to the center lane as we pass the Wendy’s, then back again to turn down Taylor. Great, my street! Just as she completes the turn she slams on the breaks. My tires squeal as I react accordingly. I lay on the horn again. Wtf is this clown doing? Again she drives off I give her even more room. I only have 2 blocks and I’ll be done with this moron.

No such luck. She turns left, into my neighborhood. I’m right behind her. She must think I’m following her. She once again slams on the breaks. I yell “what the fuck are you doing?” She throws open the door. I drive around her and head down to my house. Lucky me, she pulls over right in front of my house. She starts yelling at me. I tell her to learn to drive. She says “I know you’re not talking to me, faggot!” Naturally, I tell her to go fuck herself and I go inside.

Good ol’ Fargo is barking up a storm. I let him out back, grab the trash out of the garage and head out front. This psycho is still out front. Only difference is, she’s here to pick up one of the sketchy tenants in the house next to me. Wonderful!

A longhaired blonde lady with a baby, who I’ve never seen in the hood before, is leaning into the woman’s car. No idea what’s going on, but eventually the blonde goes back inside and the lunatic driver leaves. Great. Drama over.

Because I feel the need to clear the air, I knock in my neighbor’s door with the intent to apologize for possibly being a dick to this lady’s friend As with every time I’ve ever had to deal with that neighbor, I immediately regret it.

I knock on the door. Low and behold it’s not the blonde lady that answers, the crazy ass, chain smoking, transitioning, alcoholic mail carrier. I’ve written about this jagoff before. He/she used to live 2 doors down, next to my Filipino neighbors. He/she was known to harass them and be a basic bigot. He eventually got evicted and and moved in next to me. A real piece of shit. Classy. He now seems to be collecting white trash to share his 700 sq ft home. No idea how low your situation has to get before you make that poor life decision.

Anyway, I say hello. “Just wanted to come over and apologize to the lady I just saw come in here” He says “that’s not my problem!” I’m confused by that response “yeah, I know it has nothing to do with you. There is a lady with a baby here, right? I wanted to apologize to her for being rude to her friend.” Once again “yeah, she’s here, that has nothing to do with me.”

This guy is a real piece of work. I turned around and left. He slams his door. I may have said out loud “what a bunch of fucking weirdos”

Starting to think I need to move out of this part of town.

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Mini-Epic Ride 2018: My Own Backyard!

It feels like ages since I last took a long road trip. Well, it’s gonna be a bit longer, I guess, since this one is just a trip around the Sierra Nevadas. My own backyard, if you will. My friend Mike got himself a Triumph Bonneville last year and he’s been itching to go on a ride. Hell, I’m game. My KLR650 might not be fast, but it gets the job done, and looks alright doing it.

Mike found the route by lurking in some motorcycle forums and this one is supposed to be outstanding. Mountain roads and scenic valleys, much like you’d see riding to Yosemite but without the traffic. Mix in some small towns and a few ghost towns, and you have what looks like an epic ride. I’m going by what he tells me and I have no reason to doubt him!

It’s gonna be an all day affair, waking up at the asscrack of dawn. Mike is an early riser, so I”m sure this will be just another day for him. Google says it’s 7 hours and 20 minutes. We’ll see soon enough.

As for gear, I’ve got the antique GoPro Hero 3 on the charger, bought a new swivel helmet mount for the thing, and dug up a couple spare batteries. I cleared out the memory card which happened to have video from my last Epic Ride around Utah…goddamn that was a good trip. Anyway, loading up on water and bringing a couple extra layers of clothing. You never know what weather the mountains are gonna give ya. Also bought me a fresh, clean, new, reflective visor. Mike…he’s got old school goggles, going for a classic Triumph look.

Hopefully I’ll be posting photos and video in the next day or so!

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Day 8 of the Great Escape: The Isle of Skye

Here we are, a couple weeks later and I’m finally getting off my ass and publishing the video edit of our 8th day in the UK. We went to the Isle of Skye on a near perfect day. Clear skies and around 70 degrees, almost unheard of in Scotland. On the road, we came across Eilean Donan Castle, the Fairy Pools, and a small seaside town called Portree. 

Thanks to Mega Uber Ultra for the use of some of their music. The rest of the music is rights free and came with the video editing software, Luma Fusion.

Enjoy Day 8!

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Well, That Was A Nice Idea

Video blogging on a globe trotting adventure sounded good when I started. Traveling to “first world” European countries seemed like a no brainer. I’ll shoot some video and upload it to YouTube. Ha! We have not had decent wireless internet access since landing in the UK. We’ve had AirBnBs in London, Fort William, Edinburgh, and Belfast and not a single internet connection could hold a candle to the worst days of Charter Communication’s Spectrum service back home. No joke This is is pathetic. 10 Mbps is the fastest we’ve had in 2 1/2 weeks. This beautiful Belfast apartment seems like the perfect lodging; fourth floor, modern apartment penthouse overlooking the ghetto…err city. Yet, we’ve managed a paltry 1.6 Mbps upload and .5 Mbps upload. Might as well be the 4th fucking century. Not sure why you’d list “WiFie” as one of the features of your AirBnB if in fact a set of semefore flags would be a better option for shouting out to the world.

Propaganda at the Titanic Experience in Belfast

Yeah, I know some of you pricks will say “fuck you Jack, you’re spending 2 1/2 weeks abroad! First world problems! You need to turn off your phone and enjoy the moment.” Well, I say screw that! I’m a 21st century asshole that wants to stay connected while I’m traveling other first world modern countries. I’ve got shit to do…granted, none of it matters in the grand scheme of things. I’m reasonable. If I were in the middle of the outback in Australia or the Amazon jungle I’d expect difficulties connecting. But I’m not. I’m in the fucking UK.

Anyway, my point is that I’m unable to upload my goofy videos until I get the hell out of this third world shithole called Belfast City. Ok, it’s not really all that bad of a city. Our last cab driver referred to it as a “shite hole!” Cab drivers are interesting characters. They tell you shit you’d be happy to live the rest of your life not knowing. For example, Northern Ireland has seen peace only since 1998 or so. The “Troubles” have finally come to an end. It seems Belfast might not be rocked by car bombs anymore, but sectarian conflict still erupts. Specifically in July and August. They riot in the streets as part of some goofy holiday. It’s like the whole city goes nuts and it’s like 1968 all over again. Ugh. Fucking people. Not that America has it any better. It took a black president to remind us what racist cunts we are. Now we have a Jagoff-in-Chief. I refuse to say his name…


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Day 7 in Glencoe and Kilchurn Castle

Oh my, I’m running far behind again. Let us revisit day 7 of the Great Escape as we head out on a rainy Wednesday morning to see the highlands and a ruined castle at low tide.

I really thought these video blogs would be easier than gathering all the photos and typing snarky commentary. I was wrong. I started this edit 3 days ago on the train from Fort William. Guess that’s another lesson learned. I’ll follow up this post with a 360 compilation. 

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Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye in 360

I’m still documenting the Great Escape 2017 in 360. The Insta360 Nano is continuing to work like a champ. 

Needless to say, it was a good time. 

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Bats! The Highland Terror

The continuing saga of a man haunted by blood thirsty bats the size of house cats. After months of hunting and running from the flying horrors, our protagonist has fled to the Scottish Highlands where he hopes to find the secrets of the BATS!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

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